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Igor Maui Mc Sandals - Maquillaje

Igor Maui Mc Sandals - Maquillaje

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The Igor Maui MC sandals in Maquillaje are made of soft, lightweight material with adjustable buckles, these sandals provide a custom fit designed to last. Whether they’re playing in the garden or splashing in the sea, little ones can be sure of a secure fit. The velcro strap at the back of the sandal gives added support and makes them easy to put on and off and are a stress-free experience for parents, Igor Maui Sandals are easy to clean - just rinse them in warm water so little ones stay ahead of those muddy messes. Crafted in Spain with attention to quality and detail, these footwear staples will quickly become a summer favourite – ensuring little ones look stylish and stay snug all season long.

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